Captivating California: Showcasing the Best of the Golden State

Captivating California is a new travel and adventure show series featuring a stellar line-up of Southern California’s locations.

I’m proud to celebrate the launch of this lively travel show. My aim is to set the stage for rediscovering the delights of Southern Cal’s extensive history, culture, and arts.

My name is Joseph Zender, a well-traveled writer currently living in Los Angeles, California. Through the power of words, vivid imagery, and short narratives, this spectacularly crafted production endeavors to provide a profound outlet for like-minded, perceptive travel enthusiasts seeking adventure, responsibly.  

All my episodes are designed to showcase remarkable experiences of California’s vibrant local flavors, reinventing joie de vivre hidden within these unexpected, tumultuous times.

I invite you to share positive and resetting travel experiences, while we build a better, uplifting future, together.

Captivating California on YouTube